M.R. Davis, Corp.

Building and Consulting

All of the work we have engaged in foreign countries through churches, mission organizations and His Servants has been to facilitate the building of lives on the foundation of Jesus Christ.  In almost all instances buildings have been needed.  For that we are grateful to have met a need and to experience the work and lives of needy and humble people.

Following is a list of the work we have participated in:

Trinidad - Church Evangelism

Honduras ​- 4 Trips / Orphanage, Water Project, Church Buildings

Columbia - Dormitory for Missionary children whose parents serve in remote tribal areas.

Jamaica - Caribbean Center for the Deaf - housing for deaf students

Peru - 9 Trips

Pre & post natal clinic buildings - Yurimagras

Bridge project - Munichis (upper Amazon)

Church building - Indenpencia & Carrabyllo

Residents house & orphanage - Yurimagras