Dear Mark,

     "We have mentioned to you in the past how pleased we have been with the quality construction you provided for our home which you built for us in 1990.

     Even though we were living in Atlanta at the time and unable to be present during the construction, there was never a problem and we placed our trust in you completely.  We never regretted that decision and we always recommend you to those that are looking for builders.

    We need to once again thank you for a suggestion you made while building our home.  You recommended the Classic Products rustic shingle aluminum roofing, and we agreed to use that type of roof.  Not only does it still look great after 14 years, we have been through four hurricanes and numerous north easterners and never lost a single shingle.

     If you should ever need a recommendation from a very satisfied home owner, we are always available".

     Sincerely yours,

     Wayne and Sarah Ash


Dear Mark,

     "Marilyn and I sincerely wish to express our appreciation to you, your employees and selected sub-contractors for the excellent job you did in guiding us and building our new home in Edgewater.  From the first day when we sat on the porch of your office in New Smyrna Beach until the final receipt of the Certificate of Occupancy the entire process was executed with quality and competence.  The development and construction of a new home can be a stressful experience; however, in our case, it was well planned and resulted in fulfilling our desired objective.  We are very satisfied with our new home!"


Arthur and Marilyn Herbert

    "Mark Davis was a wonderful person to work with, as well as his staff.  He was always available to help with decisions, shopping for materials, and returning calls.  His attention to detail is incredible.  And most of all - he is so honest!"

            Mary Norton

     "We are enjoying our new home. As you know better than anyone, we built the house in 1976, and after 32 years of three boys, dogs, pet snakes, friends and family visitors, it deserved some restoring.  I love the new kitchen, floors, and vaulted ceiling within, and LOVE the new exterior: windows, driveway...and roof, deck....I could go on and on: you well know the details."

     "We now have a more comfortable and carefree home, with new memories and friendships.  All of your crew and sub-contractors were polite and helpful throughout.  The quality of your company's work is reflected in all of our improvements."

     Thank you as our contractor and our friend,

     Sincerely, Ed and Aubrey Lunsford


Building and Consulting

What our customers are saying....

M.R. Davis, Corp.

Dear Mark and your entire crew,

     John and I can't begin to thank you for all of your efforts, expertise, and care in making what was just a house with good bones, our home.  Each day, he and I look around and marvel at the workmanship, but what is even more important than that is that we genuinely admire the kind of people you are.  We feel blessed to know you and hope that working with us was even half as pleasant as working with you!

     As we continue to get to know and appreciate our new Florida home, we will keep you all in our hearts with gratitude and admiration.

     God Bless ---- With much appreciation ----- Gina & John Ferlan

"We could not be happier with the entire experience from beginning to end."

Lesia & Alan Griswold